Have you heard of Accoya® timber? If you haven’t, then let us explain how it can transform your home without the environmental impact of traditional, tropical hardwoods.

Accoya® wood isn’t from an exotic tree; it is sustainable and matches the stability, beauty and durability of hardwoods. In many cases it even exceeds it!

You cannot deny that the stunning natural look of wood around the home adds warmth and a sense of history.

It’s perfect for making a focal point in a room and, according to one study, can even improve your emotional state and reduce stress.

So if you need wooden doors, windows, conservatories or other timber features, Accoya® is a perfect solution.

What is Accoya® timber?

Accoya® is made from fast-growing softwood that is sustainably sourced. Traditional hardwood is not as environmentally friendly as it takes such a long time for the trees to go.

Also, hardwood comes from tropical regions, meaning it’s not only more expensive to transport it damages some of the world’s most vulnerable environments.

As it is denser, it is also heavier and requires longer drying times due to the natural oil it contains. As a result, it drives up the cost! Many believe that softwood isn’t up to the task. But with Accoya® that isn’t the case. In some cases it’s much more stable than hardwood.

How is it made?

The technology used for making the wood is based on something called acetylation. This patented method of improving wood delivers superior performance. It hardens the wood in a similar way to hardening conkers with vinegar.

Using breakthrough in ‘closed-loop’ engineering, this process changes the free hydroxyls in the wood into acetyl groups. What that means is the wood cannot absorb water as easily as normal timber, which makes it more stable. And it makes it even more durable.

Due to the manufacturing process, the wood has no exposed non-acetylated surfaces when cut or jointed. This means there is no need to apply chemical preservatives on-side, which would be necessary for unmodified or envelope-treated timber.

The advantages of using Accoya® wood

Choosing Accoya® for your home means:

  • Improved stability of timber which increases the lifespan. While hardwood products should last around 50 years, Accoya® wood should last at least another 10 years. If well maintained, it can be even longer.
  • Fewer issues with damaged wood as its hardness makes it less likely to denting. It also means it will maintain paint coating too, which improves the lifespan of the product.
  • Better finish quality as it’s a hard and consistent structure. The lack of water absorption also helps improve the final finish when painted.
  • You’re helping the environment! The timber can be grown in 25 years but will last at least 60 years in the home, so it is a net absorber of CO2 and an incredibly green building material.

How can Accoya® wood be used?

Builders have tended to choose Accoya® for external use, such as doors and windows. But it is also a great choice for long runs of sliding and folding doors or where final quality is critical. It is becoming the timber of choice for new builds due to its reduced environmental impact.

So whether you are planning a new build or renovating your home, then you should consider using Accoya® if you want to help the environment. Remember if your renovation is in a Conservation Area, planning authorities might ask for traditional woods, of course.

If you’d like more information about how we use this wood, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Accoya® is a registered trademark of the Accsys company.

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