Heritage Sliding sash Windows

Some recent manufactured and installed traditional sliding sash hardwood windows, these windows were installed in a beautiful grade 2 listed property in Northumberland, with the property being listed there was a very stringent criteria ensuring that the replacement sash windows would match the existing removed windows.

The windows were manufactured using individual slimline heritage glazed units using Sapphire Heritage Sealed Units, using an Argon filled 4/4/4mm unit, the low unit sight line allows us to keep the narrow 24mm glazing bar proportions of the original windows.

Our heritage sliding sash windows are operated using the traditional weights and pulley system that allows the sashes to operate effortlessly, a simple system that has been tried and tested for centuries, for further information on sliding sash windows please see our previous blog here



Another addition that we add to our traditional sliding sash is high performance draught proofing, that we can fully conceal to maintain the traditional heritage appearance.

If your are a homeowner in Durham, Newcastle, Northumberland or North Yorkshire and you would like to discuss or changing your windows or doors within a listed property then please don’t hesitate to contact us



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August 9, 2023

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