In today’s blog let’s talk about locks and security for timber front doors, a lot of people have the misconception that timber front doors are not as secure as their modern counterparts, such as UPVC and aluminium doors. However, we can dispel this myth by talking about the kind of locks that we install into our handmade bespoke front doors.

When people think about locks for timber doors, they often remember the traditional sash lock for doors, possibly with some cumbersome surface mounted bolts that had been added for extra security, although sash locks certainly still have their place in traditional joinery there are now many different options that can still give a traditional look, but with improved security.

Multi-point locking system

Our preferred muti-point option for timber doors is a Winkhaus Thunderbolt 5-point locking system, which has 5 deadbolts as standard that secure the door in 3 points, these locks exceed the minimum requirements of PAS 24. These locks are ideal for timber doors as the deadbolts are slightly tapered which accommodates slight natural movement that can happen with wooden front doors.

These locks can operate in 2 x different configurations, either a lever operated handles, or with key only operation, which can be set at the traditional shoulder height position where you would normally find a “night latch” style rim lock, these locks keep the traditional look, while improving security. These locks are also avai;able in an “Auto” lock figuration for slam shut security, these work by a magnetic latch which automatically fires

Night latch and deadbolt


Another popular option for door security is the Night latch and Deadbolt, this option secures the door in 2 positions and again gives a very traditional look. One of the most popular options for this is a Banham lock, these are a British company that craft handmade locking systems that are both elegant and secure with their iconic design the face plates are easily reconised as a Banham lock.

These locks are particularly popular in London, where Banham Security can offer a 24hr key holding service ensuring you are never left stranded on the door step again!, please see here for a previous Victorian style panel door that we manufactured and installed in London with a classic Banham night latch and dead lock, for convenience these two locks are also “suited” which means one key will operate both locks.


As well as traditional locks we are now seeing further developments with the introduction of smart locks that can work remotely from an app on you phone allowing you to unlock your door from anywhere in the world, such as this bold smart lock that we installed onto a front door that we installed in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

As well as smart locks there are also bio-metric locks which can scan for fingerprint access.

All in all the options to maintain a traditional heritage look on your front doors, while still having in place high quality and secure locking systems are very much possible and something we install as standard to all of our handmade  doors.

If you would like a handmade, secure, and bespoke front door then please contact us here to arrange a quote.


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